10 essential Ways to Stock Your Preppers Pantry

10 Essential Ways to Stock Your Prepper’s Pantry

Prepping for a disaster is incredibly important and if you want to survive an apocalyptic event, you’re going to need to stock up and prepare like a professional. There are a lot of different ways that preppers prepare for catastrophic disasters and everyone has their own preferences. However, one thing is for sure, if you don’t have a properly stocked prepper’s pantry, you’re not making it through the next big disaster.

A prepper’s pantry is one of the main things that will keep you alive during apocalyptic events and if you don’t stock it with the right gear and essentials, you’re setting yourself up for failure. A prepper’s pantry will have all your food essentials and cooking gear. Food, water and nutrition are your lifeline and that is something you want to have secured when SHTF. To help you out with your prepper’s pantry, we have performed some research and taken a few leaves out of our own books so you know what you need. If you get all this right, you’ll be making it through your next big disaster.

Buy in Bulk

This is one of most cost effective ways to begin stocking your pantry. If you want to save money and prep on a budget, this is the first thing you should be doing. When you buy your food and supplies in bulk, you can get great discounts on goods that nobody else would normally get. There are a lot of places that allow regular consumers to buy in bulk and the internet is another good starting point. Some shops require you to have a business, but these can be easily worked around.

Learn to Can and Dehydrate Food

Learning to can is one of the best skills you can learn when you’re stocking your pantry. This is not necessarily something you can “stock” in your pantry but with this skill, you can save and preserve food for weeks when you have already opened or began to eat. This is useful for when the country goes off the grid during an apocalyptic event.

Certain foods will go off fairly quickly if you don’t prepare them correctly. One way to make sure food stays fresh and consumable for three months straight is through dehydration. If you can dehydrate food, your supply will last for so much longer.

Make Sure You Have Your Kitchen Tools

This is a no-brainer. If you are going to make it through the next big disaster, you’re going to need to have proper kitchen equipment. How are you going to cook and prepare food without a pan or a pot? You need to make sure you have all the essential equipment on hand as well as a stove that can work without power. You need to bring equipment based on what you’re stocking. For example, some preppers stock a grain mill if they’ve stock wheat grains in their pantry.

Setup a Stock Rotation System

Stock rotation is as important as it is when you’re stocking shelves in a super market. You will need to have empty cupboards in your pantry to have a solid rotation system in place to make sure the food you eat first is not the food that goes out-of-date in two years’ time. Make sure to consume all your food slowly and in order of their expiry dates. Eating all your food randomly will kill your supply and could lead to your death in an apocalyptic event.

Stock Tons of Water

This is also a no-brainer. Water is going to be your best friend during the hardest of events. Without water, you will die very quickly in a catastrophic event, so you need to stock this up very well if you’re to survive for a long period of time. Having enough water for yourselves and your family is a challenge as you will need water for more than just hydration. Water is used to cook food, clean up and wash clothes. Make sure that before anything else, stock up on hundreds of gallons of water. You’ll thank yourself later.

Only Buy Shelf Stable Foods

When you go to stock your prepper’s pantry, don’t go buying fresh fruit and veg. Stick with the canned food that lasts for years. This will be your staple food for most of the time when you’re in your bunker. Cans aren’t the only thing you need to be stocking. Cereals and various energy/protein bars are also essential if you want a balanced diet. An important note to make is that you should try them all before buying in bulk. You don’t want to buy a food that you hate. It could drive you insane in the event of an apocalypse.

Make Sure You Stock to Prevent Food Fatigue

Although stocking cans and other long-lasting foods is very important, you should also stock some foods you really enjoy. This is because food fatigue can be a huge issue when you’re hunkered down with just boring canned foods. Try finding some gourmet styled food that you can use to mix up your meals with. Desserts are an excellent thing to buy and will keep the kids happy for the time being.

Home Grow Some Food

If you’re going to be down in the bunker for a long time, you’re going to need to learn how to grow your own food. Let’s face it, if you’re in your pantry for too long, your supply will eventually run out. To combat this you should have a little garden down in your hideout that allows you to grow vegetables on demand. If you can go outside during an apocalyptic event, this will be a lot easier also.

Hiding Your Foods Is Also Essential

If you’re making it through the next big disaster, the chances are that someone else is too. Because of this, they may be after your goods, and some people might leave you for dead with nothing to eat. Because of this, always hide your food in clever ways. I am not talking about burying it, but instead, try hiding the food in a box labeled “books”. Hiding food somewhere a looter may never look is your best bet at survival.

Freeze Dried Is Always the Answer

Sure, cans are great and they can last for years. However, although cans are going to be your primary source of food, you’re also going to want to stock freeze-dried food. The reason being because freeze-dried food lasts 10x longer than cans and act as a perfect failsafe if something happens to your food supply. Even cans have an expiration date and many preppers fail to notice this.

Having a pantry as a prepper is probably the most important thing to have if you’re planning on making through the next big event. A pantry will have all your food and water, and will be the main component that keeps you alive during an apocalyptic event. Many beginners don’t know how to properly stock their pantry and end up making all sorts of fatal mistakes that could lead to their death. With the tips above, you’ll be on your way to building your most effective pantry yet.

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