7 Reasons You Need a Bug out Bag

7 Reasons You Need a Bug out Bag

Prepping for disasters is incredibly important. You need all the essentials and need to plan ahead. Something that all new preppers need to be aware of (and probably are aware of) is a bug out bag. These are bags that can be grabbed in the event of a disaster and will have all the essentials in it for you to survive. They are a common sight to see if you’ve ever seen a prepper’s hideout and could save your life.

However, it should be noted that bugging out is a last resort. Your hideout/home should be equipped and stocked up enough to protect you from the desperate mobs with no food or water during a catastrophic event. However if you are unable to hunker down you may need to grab the bug out bag and head out.

During any disaster, you need to have an emergency plan and all your family need to know it, if they are to remain safe. A bug out bag makes up part of that plan. Here are 7 top reasons why you need a bug out bag when prepping for a disaster.

Useful for When You Need to Bail Your Current Location

This is the most common reason for a bug out bag that I created. You should have enough supplies and protection in your own home so that you’ll never have to use a bug out bag. However, in those rare cases where there is an event that comprises your location, you’re going to need an escape plan and some quick supplies to survive. This would usually happen when there are desperate mobs with no food or water trying to get in your home. In this situation, you’ll need to initiate the escape plan, grab the BOB and go.

If you have planned accordingly and have all you need in the BOB, you’ll be good for 72 hours. That is the time your bag should provide you given that you’ve packed it properly.

Stores All Your Necessities In the Bug Out Bag

Having a bug out bag is incredibly important if you want to survive out in the open during an event. When bugging out, you’ll need a lot of food, water and spare clothes. A bug out bag will contain all of those necessities so you don’t starve or freeze when you’re on the move. However, these necessities are not meant to last you forever. They are there to keep you alive for 72 hours until you have reached your bug out location. This location should be properly stocked and ready for your arrival.

Stores All Your Private and Personal Docs

During a disaster, you’re not going to have the time to go through draws and piece together all the personal and private documents you have lying around. These need to be in your bug out bag, especially during riots or floods where they can get stolen or damaged.

There are special bags you can get designed with pockets inside to protect your personal documents from being damaged. When bugging out, the bag should have docs like your birth certificate, bank details and identification. Make sure you have a good bag that has enough room for docs as well as survival tools.

Stores All Your Survival Gear

A bug out bag will contain all your survival tools to make sure you make it to the bug out point. However, when we say “survival tools”, we aren’t talking about all the unnecessary tools that will take up space. We are talking about the essentials, like pocket knives, flash lights and medical kits. Under the survival gear category also comes food and hydration. You should always follow the rule of 3 when prepping a bug out bag.

The rule of 3 states that you can survive without air for 3 minutes, survive in harsh weather conditions for 3 hours, survive without water for 3 days and survive without food for 3 weeks. Make sure you are a prepper for disasters with enough survival gear, including food and water, for at least 3 days. Within that time, you should have got to your bug out spot.

Saves Time Because You Already Have Everything Planned

One of the biggest reasons you should have a bug out bag is to escape when the situations requires you to. If you have desperate mobs with no food or water outside your door, it may be time to run. However, without a bug out bag, you’re going to have to run around the house and put together all the essentials as quick as you can.

If you don’t get everything in time, you could die before you get to your next location. Having a bug out bag is incredibly important if you want to be out of your home in a flash, knowing you have everything you need to survive.

Let’s You Carry Your Own Medication

If you have any specific medical conditions, you may require some pills or creams on a regular basis. A bug out bag allows you to leave a stash prepared for an emergency. The last thing you want is an asthma attack when you’re bugging out. A bug out bag allows you to carry around your own personal medication which prevents you from having any deadly issues along the way.

Acts as an Aid if Help Can’t Arrive Quickly

If the situation is related to a natural disaster, the authorities and government are going to collecting all the individuals they can. However, in some events, such as a flood, there is no time to wait for help and you may have to save yourself. In these situations, a bug out bag is priceless and could save your life where the authorities couldn’t.

Bugging out is something that needs to be done when your home get comprised. This is true when you have desperate mobs with no food or water trying to get in and raid your cupboards. With a bug out bag, you can quickly get what you need and go. You don’t need to fiddle with any paperwork or survival gear, it will also be ready in your BOB. It is vital that you pack your bug out bag correctly so you can make it to your bug out spot. Always follow the rule of 3 and pack enough gear to survive for 72 hours. Bug out bags are important. Make sure you have one when you’re prepping.

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