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How To Build a Permanent Shelter In The Woods

How To Build a Permanent Shelter In The Woods

One of the most commonly described emergency shelters to construct is the lean-to, probably because its simple design is relatively easy to accomplish.  If you happen to get lost or broken down in the middle of nowhere with no supplies, a functional long-term survival shelter against cold, rain, wind or sunburn can be created using […]

Top Survival Foods for Prepping

Whether you’re tired of losing money by throwing out food that’s spoiled or pre-planning for the next natural disaster or zombie apocalypse, there are some top survival foods for prepping you can stock up on. These days there is a vast selection of foods and beverages that have extremely long shelf lives or are completely […]

Surviving a Nuclear Explosion, Part 2

What is a radioactive fallout? You may have seen a radioactive fallout in movies or historical articles about nuclear explosion, but in most cases proper attention is not given to the kind of radiation that occurs following a nuclear blast. In the previous topic, we discussed about the shockwave, excessive light and huge amounts of […]