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Creating a Homemade Solvent Trap

If you haven’t heard of a solvent trap, a quick Google search will give you plenty of results on what many people believe they are, and few results on what survivalists and preppers need them for. These traps help make gun cleaning easier. They can also help the owner of the gun save money and […]

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7 Reasons You Need a Bug out Bag

Prepping for disasters is incredibly important. You need all the essentials and need to plan ahead. Something that all new preppers need to be aware of (and probably are aware of) is a bug out bag. These are bags that can be grabbed in the event of a disaster and will have all the essentials […]

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Bow Drill 101: Things All Newbies Should Know

  The bow drill can be used to create fire in any environment and is one of the oldest methods known to man, dating back almost 2,500 years. Every ancient culture had its own unique bow drill, but the science behind it remained the same. Today, we’ll go through some important pointers that will help […]

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