Discover the Best Bartering Items When the SHTF

Discover the Best Bartering Items When the SHTF

Discover The Best Bartering Items When the SHTF

I imagine doomsday as a zombie apocalypse or more practically when people don’t value paper currency anymore. In either case, I want to discover the best bartering items when the SHTF.

When the SHTF and no one accepts paper currency, other items will replace it. It’s expected that a barter economy will take-over.

Remember, people need to have a means to live and they will highly value items that will help them prolong their lives or survive longer.

There will also be items that will disappear first when the SHTF if it’s highly needed and vital.

In this brief article, I’ll list and explain which items will disappear first when the SHTF and how to discover the best items when the SHTF. I hope this will help you survive any type of doomsday.

What Items that Will Disappear First When the SHTF

Items That Will Disappear First When The SHTF

First, let’s start with what items that will disappear first when the SHTF.

This is important to survival and prepping for life after a doomsday.

You can use these items to barter or even learn how to produce it yourself.

I ranked my top three items that will disappear first when the SHTF into different categories.


  • Basic food ingredients (rice, beans, flour, etc.)
    These will be one of the first items that will disappear when the SHTF. It’s basic food groups that people can use with any meal. Not only will people store these commodities but also use them to barter.
  • Live Stock (chickens, cows, pigs, etc.)
    These types of animals will be extremely valuable in a post-doomsday world. People can eat the livestock and also breed more.
  • Cooking Utensils (pots and pans)
    People can use pots and pans for a long time if taken care of. These tools can be used to cook over open fires and to store things.


  • Sanitation (soap, toothpaste, feminine products, etc.)
    People will want to stay clean and need a way to cleanse any tools they have. It’s not on the top of the list, but can be useful down the line.
  • Liquors and Spirits
    Although wine and beer don’t have much subsistence value, there will be a limited supply, which makes it an ideal barter item. If people use home remedies, some liquors can be used as an antiseptic ointment.
  • Paper products (toilet paper, tissue, paper towels, etc.)
    These products will disappear from the shelves when SHTF. You can use them for cleaning, make-shift bags, and bartering.


  • Lights (torches, lanterns, etc.)
    If everyone goes off the grid, lights will be needed primarily for guidance in the dark. As a secondary purpose, people can track where predators may be.
  • Transportation (wagons, carts, wheel barrels, etc.)
    Once the fuel runs out, there needs to be alternative for moving around survival gear.
  • Hunting supplies (guns, skinning and cleaning kits etc.)
    Without grocery stores, people will have to hunt and make their own food to survive.

Knowing the items that will disappear first when the SHTF, will help prioritize what is vital to survival and possibly use to barter.

Discover the Best Bartering Items When the SHTF

Now, let’s move on to discover the best bartering items when the SHTF.

The goal is to use these items to get ones that you need and possibly form a companionship based on mutual respect and survival needs.

I ranked the top three barters items and why they’re valuable.

Women’s Hygiene Products

Once pads and tampons disappear from the shelves, women will have to use rags during their periods. Women will gladly barter food or livestock for a supply of pads or tampons.

Women make up more than half the population so you know there will always be a woman in need of a pad or tampon.


Food will be scarce in a post-doomsday world and everyone will want to have it. It will be an easy currency to barter with and will be highly valued.

I caution if you do discover the best bartering item when the SHTF is food supplies. Others will see it as a sign that you have extra food. You could easily become a prime object for thieves.

I recommend bartering with smaller food items such as beans so others can use it to grow their own food.

Keep in mind, the scarcer the food item is the higher the value will be.

First Aid and Medical Supplies

Prepping your arsenal with a supply of pain medications, antibiotics, and other over-the-counter medications will prove useful.

You can use them for yourself and then barter for something you need such as food.

Do you think I forgot any item that is the best to barter with when the SHTF or items that will disappear first?

Let me know in the comments if you discover the best bartering items when the SHTF that I didn’t include here!

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