How to Develop A Survival Mind

How to Develop A Survival Mind

Although most of us only think about techniques and tools that can save us when we think about survival preparedness, there is more to survival than just the survival devices you own or you see out there. How to Develop A Survival Mind: Your brain is one of the most underrated aspects of survival.

Anybody can learn how to create smoke signals, start fires and build shelters, but not everyone has the right mindset to pull through in a survival situation. If you are out there in the woods at night with nothing but your skills and wits, the mindset you bring with you will ascertain whether you will get out alive or not.

You can have all the right tools, but if you don’t have the will to survive, you will be dead long before you even use those tools. The will to live can overpower knives, firearms or any survival training program anytime anywhere. Just like there are countless stories of well-trained people who perished in horrible conditions, there are stories of unprepared, untrained individuals surviving unconquerable situations simply because they had the right mindset. They refused to die, they refused to give up and they chose to survive!

Read on to find more on how to develop a survival mind;

Have a positive attitude

Although adopting a positive attitude is one of the hardest skills to master, it is always good to see the positive side of everything. Pessimists always concentrate on the negative side of things and usually feel overwhelmed easily. Cross the Rubicon and adopt a positive attitude while still appreciating the reality. Apply this in your day to day life and will be more than prepared the next time you face imminent danger.

Anticipate Fears

Do not pretend like there is no fear. Try thinking about any situation that will make you frightened. For example think about how you will cope if your wife or husband passed on or how you will survive if you suddenly lost your job. The main objective here is not to knock out fear, but to test your ability to survive despite your fears.

Be Realistic
Start seeing situations as they are right now not as you want them to be in future. Be honest to yourself and keep your expectations and hopes in check. Having unrealistic expectations in any situation will only help to prepare the ground for a bitter disappointment. So hope for the best, but prepare for the worst too. It is easier to adjust to positive surprises than to adjust to unexpected negative surprises.

Think about what is at stake

Note that not preparing well both mentally or psychologically to handle any tragedy can easily lead to severe reactions such as inattention, carelessness, depression, poor decision making and loss of confidence. And at risk is both your life and the lives of your loved ones or colleagues who are depending on you to deliver.


Although being stubborn can be a good thing sometimes, in most cases it will hurt you. Perhaps you were just born determined and your ego keeps telling you to continue doing the same thing over and over again even when you know it is not working. It is not bad to adapt, sometimes it is good to change if something is not working well. Do not let your determination or ego hurt you or others.

Mental Toughness

This is not about your stamina, how much pain you can endure or how many calluses you have earned, but the prowess of your mind and the toughness of your will. To be mentally stable, you must endure the unendurable and accept the unacceptable. Trounce your desire to give up .

No More Excuses

Stop being critical. Don’t look for excuses why you cannot do this or that. Figure out how to make it possible. Excuses will only trap you in wreck .So overpower that negative mindset and defy reason.

Wrapping it up

Whether it is civil disobedience, man-made disasters, terrorist attacks or pandemics, tragedies can strike at any time anywhere. What is important however, is how you will deal with such circumstances and thats why you must learn how to develop a survival mind. If the transport network around your home town was unavailable for a month or a year, would you still cope? What if the internet and other communications were disabled for an extended period and you are far away from your love ones, would you still survive?

Bottom line is that we all face both collective and personal circumstances at some point in life that are shockingly dreadful .Your ability to endure and confront them will mainly depend on you having the right mindset.



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