Preparing Your Family For Disaster: Part 1

Preparing Your Family For Disaster: Part 1

How Can You Begin Preparing Your Family for Different Disasters?

Disasters can occur at any given time and can wreck havoc on your family especially if no emergency plan is in place.

Because the safety of your family should be your first priority, it’s important to become “disaster readyPreparing Your Family For Disaster” to ensure that even when disaster strikes, you will be in a position to handle it calmly and safely.

While no disaster is similar to another, they all have some things in common. They include;

• They are unpredictable (can strike in an instant) and are almost impossible to control, especially those caused by Mother Nature such as hurricanes and floods

• Disasters can cause immense fear, panic, and even chaos in affected communities

• There are certain disasters that can affect the availability of basic resources such as clean water, electricity, and gas supply lines

Knowing the magnitude of the impact these disasters may bring should prompt you to take some important measures to ensure your survival and that of your family since basically, it’s a matter of life and death. And in many life and death instances, the survival instincts automatically kick in.

While every disaster scenario is different, they key plan is to help each family member fully prepare for the onset of different disasters.

Most importantly, you should have a plan that covers escaping the house during an emergency and another that covers measures to use when disaster strikes away from home.

What’s the importance of being vigilant about disasters?

Whether natural or manmade disasters, one fact remains- national disasters and emergencies can strike unexpectedly and can cause serious problems.

For example, natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes can wreck havoc in a span of thousands of miles radius- that’s just how powerful and uncontrollable these disasters can be.

It’s therefore important to ensure that every single member of your family, regardless of where they may be when disaster strikes, is in a position to handle the situation effectively.

What should be your first line defense during a disaster?

Being prepared mentally and physically is your first line defense in the event of a disaster. This basically includes your basic knowledge in disaster preparedness and the emergency supplies, tools, and equipment that you have prepared in advance. Disaster supply kits especially come in handy when disaster strikes in the event you are forced to move relocate your family to a safer area.

What is a disaster supply kit?

A disaster supply kit is basically a complete survival system consisting of essentials such as food, water, medicine, and various survival tools and emergency supplies. Ideally, you have two disaster supply kits all packed and ready.

One kit should be large and comprehensive, and should be closest to your family (should be stored at home). The other kit should be permanently placed in your family vehicle. The home disaster supply kit should contain the most essential supplies, tools and equipment.

You can always revise and modify the kit at any given time. The kit in the car is basically a contingency kit that you can use in the event a disaster occurs while away from home. It should be packed with essential stuff such as bottled water, canned & dried food, including other items.

What are the most essential items in a disaster kit?

What Are the Most Essential Items In A Disaster Kit?

Every single item in a disaster kit comes in very handy during emergencies. However, the most valuable supplies in a disaster supply kit are food and water.

As a general rule, it’s important to ensure that the packed food should be easy to open, consume, and must be familiar with everyone.

It would help greatly if you pack regular food (avoid unfamiliar foods such as military rations) as seeing something familiar can help a distraught family member quickly recover from the psychological impact of a disaster.

Additionally, learning how to can and preserve food can come in handy during such situations. Furthermore, homemade preserved food tends to be healthier as compared to store-bought, processed foods.

What type of food should be kept in a disaster supply kit?

The type of food that should be stored in a supply kit should be a little bit different from regular food, in that it should be very nutritious, high in calories (for energy), easy to consume, and can be easily and readily stored/preserved again.

While it can be a little bit difficult to find food with such characteristic, it would be best if you find enough that can sustain your entire family for at least 10 days before the situation returns to normal.

There are even cases where survivalists have stored their food for about six months, so 10 days shouldn’t be that hard.

Having a proper plan in place for disasters doesn’t prevent them from happening- it just guarantees your family’s safety during such situations.

Be sure to involve everyone in the creation of the emergency plan as it’s the only way to ensure their safety. More importantly, it can help create a certain level of trust and help everyone learn to depend on each other, which can be valuable when disaster strikes.


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